The Four Major Causes Of World War I

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The first world war in 1914-1920 was the greatest war. This war killed more people than any of the previous wars. In fact 9 million soldiers and 21 million civilians were wounded. The historical monuments of world war I were caused by a combination of antiquated military tactics and ultra modern war technology. Their were four major causes that caused the war to happen. One of the four major causes was Militarism. It started with Britain having a large navy and then Germany wanting one too as big as theirs. France and Germany started competing to build the larger armies. Due to some nations growing their army and navy, the other nations thought they they should too for defense. At the end the major powers grew twice the amount of their armies…show more content…
When the war was over wilson wanted to shape the world at his will and wanted to bring a “ New World Order”. Wilson said that this was the war to end all wars/ end of all democracy. This war was also the end of “ Innocence” or the end of a era. Over 16 million people died and 23 million people were wounded. The total number of civilians and military casualties is estimated to be 37 million people. This war killed around 7 million civilians and 10 million military personnel. Some other significant effects of the war was that there was absolute freedom over the seas. They also removed the economic tariffs and reduced arms. They create a Collective Security so that nations agree not to attack each other and to defend each other against an attack from one of the others, if a attack is made. Its goal was to prevent world wars and solve world differences. Then America goes into a American Isolationism to stay out of all international affairs especially european affairs. Great things also happen to the U.S.

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