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Transformational Leadership: Learning From Your Emotions We are feeling creatures who think, not thinking creatures who feel. Everything we do, every action we take, every response we give, is generated from an emotion —an intuitive response to a situation. It can seem scary, to follow someone solely based on our emotional response to them. Intellect seems safer, like we have more control over it. The vivid memories of emotional volcanic eruptions confine us in fear. It is in these moments where transformational leaders are needed the most. By igniting passion, reshaping beliefs, and stepping into authentic power, transformational leaders are able to empower followers (Nahavandi, 2015); creating a cycle of growth (Wren, 1995), that inspires…show more content…
Like transformational leaders, they strive to offer support for followers (Wren, 1995), often times through emotional bonds (Nahavandi, 2015). As servant leaders effectively remove obstacles for followers (Nahavandi, 2015), they are quietly transforming the people around them (Wren, 2015). Transformational leadership requires the leader to be at the forefront (Seale, 2011). Leading the charge, maintaining a strong presence, and actively engaging with those around them (Seale, 2011). In contrast, the servant leader quietly supports others (Wren, 1995). It is uncommon for followers to know the true depth of a servant leaders support until they have left their followers lives (Wren,…show more content…
Emotions do not hinder me, they strengthen me. “Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie” (Sellers & Harper, 2011). In order to take my self awareness to a deeper level, I need to embrace the discomfort, and shine a light into all areas of my emotions —not just the ones that are comfortable. The next level of transformational leadership, for me, comes from leading with my heart. Being willing to let go of everything I know, and more importantly, being willing to fail at my own goals to support another’s. Right now as we stand, we are enough. Inside of us is a great depth of power and passion. All it takes to access it, is the courage to be vulnerable and embrace our

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