Pros And Cons Of Criminal Justice

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1) Justice is the principle that mainly focuses on fairness and the ideal of moral equity. Justice is also known as, “Truth in action”, said Benjamin Disraeli. Chapter one mainly focuses on social justice, criminal justice, and civil justice. Yet, it breaks down each connection to the models, justices and the main key points of the law. Social justice shows the aspects of someone’s life and is linked to the fundamental and extensive notions of fairness. Social justice always is connected with the cultural beliefs about being right and wrong. Yet, with criminal justice it is one of the wider forms of justice. Criminal justice is an important mechanism by which justice can be achieved. Not only do victims, defendants, and others seek out fairness from the criminal justice system, but also the activities and actions of the criminal…show more content…
Criminal justice is about applying these ideals to criminal activity, as a community would define it. 2) Laws are rules of conduct, generally found in a form that proscribes of mandates certain forms of behavior. Laws also serve to maintain human contact, enforcing beliefs, defining the environment of a society, predictability, promote social change, belief in individual rights, identify the wrong and redress them, and mandate punishment. Because of the law those in power are influenced by those with access to power brokers. They tend to support the interests of society’s most powerful members. The law has many purposes and functions in society, yet there are four main important purposes of the law. The four principal purposes and functions are establishing standards, maintaining order, resolving disputes, and protecting liberties and rights. With establishing standards, some activities are crimes because society has determined that it will not tolerate certain behaviors that injure or damage persons or their
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