Texas Criminal Justice System Analysis

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While many argue to point out problems in the Texas Criminal Justice system, I believe it operates and acts in ways that have their citizens well being as a top priority. Our Texas Department of Criminal Justice seeks to supervise and rehabilitate convicted felons into healthier lifestyles. In a world that has increasingly become more violent and dangerous, it is important for the Texas Criminal Justice system to take precaution when necessary and to not allow a criminal to go unpunished. It is known that the incarceration rate in Texas is much higher than any other state, but despite its high incarceration rate, its crime rate is not the largest among the other states. Vincent Schiraldi of the New York City Department of Probation explains, “The sheer numbers of people in prison and jail in Texas are signs of a system fixated on punishment, and devoid of compassion” but I strongly disagree. The Texas Criminal Justice system fights to put real criminals behind bars rather than have them wandering the streets. It is understandable for state officials and…show more content…
In many cases, because of advancements in technology and DNA evidence, those convicted and sentenced to the death penalty are later exonerated. Unfortunately, DNA evidence cannot be found in every case and innocent people have been executed for crimes they may not have even committed. Another reason I do not believe in the death penalty is that some criminals view the death penalty as an easy way out of the crimes they have committed. It is a greater punishment to sit in a prison cell day after day realizing your lack of freedom until the day you die. I oppose plea bargaining, because it does undermine the criminal justice system when criminals get off easy for their

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