Pros And Cons Of Intermediate Sanctions

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Sarah Schmidt 2-10-18 Intermediate Sanctions The United states has a lot of programs to punish criminals for the crimes they commit such as incarceration, parole, and Probation. The goal of the criminal justice system to have criminals pay for the crimes they have committed and to reduce the number of crimes that are committed. Intermediate sanctions are a variety of punishments that are harsher than probation but not as harsh and costly as incarceration. Intermediate sanctions could be a way to deter crime but there a lot of pros and cons to the program. Intermediate sanctions has two goals which are to reduce the cost of prisons and to provide a more affective form of probation. The purpose of intermediate sanctions so to help violent and repeat offenders to try reducing crimes. There are many programs that are…show more content…
Intermediate sanctions are in between probation and prison because of how restrictive and intense they are. The quote from a study online, "There have been recent studies that show that little evidence that intermediate sanctions successfully reduce recidivism" (Mackenzie, 2001, page 24) shows there needs to be something done to make sure these sanctions work because it can help the community and criminals. There are many problems that make intermediate sanctions not successful because the purpose is very vague, and it doesn't have a clear goal. The goals of intermediate sanctions are that it brings prison costs down and is alternative to probation. One of the problems that is major is that some criminals don't want to change or don't have the motivation to go through the many different programs. Another problem is that not all criminals are put in a program that will help them and it is hard for some criminals to give up their addiction to crime or drugs. The last problem is

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