Deterrence Theory

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The Effectiveness of Deterrence The deterrence theory just like any other study done in the criminal justice field has, evidence to prove if it works or if it does not work. This part of the essay will look into the evidence on the deterrence theory. First we must define what exactly deterrence is. Deterrence is a way to punish those who have commit crimes, and in return deter other from committing a crime. It is proven, that majority of the time people tend to commit crimes because they believe that they can benefit from it. If, they cannot gain anything from committing a crime then that will deter them. Now, there are two different types of deterrence: general and specific. General deterrence is focuses on everyone. While, specific…show more content…
Question is, does prisons incapacitate and if so what is it compared to. Prison do incapacitate offenders. Cullen and Jonson (2011), chapter five is written by Mr. James Q. Wilson. Within the chapter he talks about incapacitation and arresting the wicked. I agree with Mr. Wilson when he states that “we have made imprisoning offender not an option of last resort but, like a drug habit to which we are addicted, a quick fix we use to deal with too many wayward fellow citizen (page 100).” I agree with his statement because in some cases people are quickly sent to prison, although their rap sheet isn’t that long versus someone who has been committing crimes since they were 13. I thought the purpose of the justice system was to be fair and deter other people from committing crimes. Yes, the goal of incapacitation is to stop those from committing more crimes. It is believed, that once there are arrested and put in prison that the crime rate will go down. Incapacitation not only deals with prison, but it also deals with other punishments. Those punishments could be either electronic monitoring, or even the death sentence. In order to understand the effect that incapacitation has, one must look at statics to see if any crimes have been saved since that person was not able to commit any
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