Personal Narrative: A Gleeful Girl

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Fate pulls the strings between people together, just like how I met Ying. Just like the wind, unknowingly blows towards you, then it left without a trace. The first time I met Ying, we were randomly assigned to sit together during class due to the similarity in our height. My first impression of her was of a gleeful girl who was always ready with a warm and welcoming smile. As we got closer, I discovered the many layers to her personality; she had a sort of solemnity that contrasted greatly with her cheerfulness, and an optimistic take on life that brought me out of my defeatist world. She was a judicious girl with a pair of deep, chestnut brown eyes that told of wonders and a soft voice that was a source of comfort for many. It seemed like she had her entire life under control. Her charming personality drew me in and I gradually dropped my guard in front of her. She was always honest with her opinions and her eyes shone with purity, like a clear spring flowing down the mountain. It seemed like her charismatic character could warm up even the coldest heart. She…show more content…
When it came to exams, I was always anxious and agitated. I would have countless questions about the material but was always unwilling to voice them out. Ying knew that I was the type of person who tended to bottle up everything, so she would always gently prod me to open up about my worries and troubles. She was always patient with me when she assisted me in my work and if I still faced difficulties understanding the material, she would rack her brain to invent various methods of explaining just to ensure that I would understand. Though at times, my questions were no-brainers and repetitive, she would readily sacrifice her free time to slowly explain them to me without any complaints or signs of unwillingness. She was also generous in sharing her study tactics. There will always be a permanent space for her in my

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