The Pros And Cons Of Communication Espionage

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Communication Espionage A government’s priority is to keep its citizens safe. With increasing technology, the government has an opportunity to monitor criminal and terrorist threats by searching for keywords such as “bomb” or “assassination” and other dangerous keywords. Furthermore, the government can store as much information on phone calls, emails, and messages which creates a huge pile so they can search for the right information when they need it. Many wonders who far the government should go to keep the citizens safe. Some say that it is too much central authority to allow the government to monitor the internet. Others say that terrorists and criminals will find a way to stay ahead and if they know the government is monitoring electronic…show more content…
There is one critical situation where hospitals are constantly threatened by hacking. According to, a hacker asked for a ransom of $17000 from a Presbyterian hospital if they wanted access to institution computers. Reluctantly, they did so to hope to have most information properly restored. “Phil Lieberman, a cybersecurity expert, said that, “a hacker targeting a hospital puts lives at risk, and it is sickening to see such an act,” he said. Under federal law, hospitals are required to report potential medical data breaches involving more than 500 people. Since 2010, at least 158 institutions, including medical providers, insurers, and hospitals, have reported being hacked or having information technology issues that compromised patient records. But cyber attacks on hospitals have become more common in recent years as hackers pursue personal information they can use for fraud schemes. Last July, hackers may have accessed as many 4.5 million patient records in UCLA Health System's computer network.” When the government monitors the internet beforehand, they can warn the hospitals and they can transfer their information separately or somewhere more discreet so as the information about the patients and their money do not get lost. Therefore, I believe the government should monitor the

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