The Pros And Cons Of Banning Books

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There are those who believe books should be written for everyone to read and there are masses of reasons why books being banned should be well thought out and taken lightly. Many parents, teachers and even some students believe that all books with strong language, sexual content, rape and violence. It is said that banned books will show teens what they could do and how to deny what they are doing. On the other side people do believe that if books are not banned students and teenagers will be able to read them and discover what life can be if they were able to read them. According to the American Library Association, Books usually are challenged with the best intentions—to protect others, frequently children, from difficult ideas and information.…show more content…
I believe that if a teenager wants to go out and do drugs they will do it weather they heard it in a book or from a friend who was able to read the book. Students that do have the right to read the book are more likely, in my opinion, to be able to stop and think about how messed up the books are and how it can affect their lies if they follow the same track. Also I believe that a student that reads Glass by Ellen Hopkins will be able to determine the signs of a person who is going through depression, and a person that is doing drugs but doesn’t want anyone to know. I feel like schools don’t like to tech about drugs, addiction, and depression, so I think if these books weren’t banned students would be able to tell the difference in a friend and know the signs and how to help. I am concerned about the number of teens who do drugs, and their parents aren’t aware of it. The University of Michigan Mitt Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health, which was carried out by researchers at the University of Michigan, found that only one percent of parents of teens between the ages of 13 to 17 believe their children are using prescription stimulants or amphetamines

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