The Pros And Cons Of Banning Books

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Banning books is very common when it comes to moral beliefs. Some communities think that even the simplest of books are offensive to the mind of the youth. I do not agree with the banning of books. Keeping our youth in ignorance by sheltering them from literature can cold their mind from escaping the naïve nature of our culture. Some books might be perfervid; yet they are extreme eye openers to see how different the world can be. One book that has been banned is named “ Party Girl” it is by an author named Lynn Ewing. This book was banned from high schools due to being a deep-seated story with gang violence. This story is about a fourteen year old girl involved in a gang ,in Los Angeles, making poor choices. This girl has a difficult life being exposed to sex, drugs, and gangs. It speaks about how she has no voice and her life will be what it has been forced to be. This book should not be banned because it shows a national taboo that some our youth do experience.…show more content…
The reason this book was banned was because of how controversial the story plot was. The book was based on a girl , named Alice , separating from the normalcy in society. This girl starts off as an unpopular adolescent and steers off into a path of heavy drug use. She ends up running away and getting sexually assaulted and sick. The message of the book is strong on how fast drugs can change a person’s life or progress to sickness. Books like these help adolescents understand that life with drugs is not a good life or path at all. It would not be a good idea to hold vital information of possibilities of a life with drugs to the

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