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Responsibility (What/Who is the best political leader?) “Leadership is not rank, privileges, titles, or money. It is responsibility." (Bickley). Being a leader is more than just having followers. Someone may have people that follow them and agree to what they stand for, but that does not mean that person is doing what they should. How do you know if someone is a leader? Everyone has different opinions on this topic because there are so many obligations one must obtain in order to become or withstand being a leader. Not everyone is cut out for all of the responsibilities of being someone in charge. They could either fold under the pressure, or cause something horrific to happen. What makes a good leader? What must someone do in order to become…show more content…
Aurelius is known to be one of the greatest romans of all time because he was a truly just man, even with all of his absolute power. He chose to have control over his mind, and knowing what was wrong and right. A very important concept that he understood, that many people can’t, was the only thing you truly have control over is yourself. This means that you do not let others control you, and you cannot control others. You decide whether something is good or bad, which means you should not complain or have excuses because you have control over the way you feel and think. Marcus said,"The soul can maintain its own unclouded calm, and refuse to view [pain] as evil. For every judgment or impulse or inclination or avoidance is within, and nothing evil can force entrance there" (8.28). This made him the best political leader not only because he was just, but because he was the perfect example or role model for others to come after him. Even if he did not mean to teach others a lesson on how you should treat yourself and your soul, he did anyway. “The object of the exercise is to change the individual soul, that is, to correct one's initial, instinctive perceptions and thoughts by the continuous application of the principles and truths of philosophy.” (Francis). This is what Marcus Aurelius did, the great Roman

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