The Great Hero Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Some people might wonder why there are four to five intellectual classes in school like English and Math but only one physical class, Physical Education. Here at Kennedy students are not even required to take gym class anytime soon. It is a strong, yet simple concept: brains is better than brawns. Wisdom and admiration earned, successfully intelligent people, the fact that intelligence can be gained, are three reasons that prove one idea: being strong is not all it is made out to be. After all, what did the great hero Odysseus in Homer’s renowned Epic: The Odyssey rely on to get home safely? His strengths, or his stratagems and wiles? For various reasons, one can gain much admiration and wisdom by being smart. For instance, there is a direct…show more content…
He gained admiration, for he was one of the smartest and wisest Greeks. Most importantly, Odysseus learned a prodigious amount more on his ten year journey home then he ever did by fighting and killing others in the Trojan War. On his way home, he gained wisdom from the shades, (214-234) and from the gods he gained admiration or scorn. Odysseus earned respect and gained wisdom from almost every person in The Odyssey because he was extraordinarily clever. To sum up, having smarts and intelligence can gain one wisdom and the respect of others. Even though history is separating them by almost 3000 years, Odysseus, Eurylochus, and Mark Zuckerberg, all have one thing in common. Each one of them reached the top by having firm resolve and using their mind, not their physical strength. The first example being, Odysseus from The Odyssey. He stay determined on his journey home, and fought many creatures. Odysseus came up with the idea of blinding Polyphemus with a painfully burning stake. (181) He found a way to get his men away from the Lotus Eaters, (172) and with Hermes’ help discovered a way to free himself and his crew from Circe’s wrath. (200-208) Then, there’s Eurylochus,

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