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First Paper Topic Beverly Chen A02 University of California San Diego Phil 27 TA: Dan Professor G. Doppelt A. From John Noonan’s article regarding his premise on abortion, various methods are used to define his viewpoints against abortion while countering pro-choice cases. Noonan creates his overall argument by initiating conception as the critical point in which matter becomes human, stating that fetus becomes human as soon as fertilization occurs. He continues his statement by declaring that every human has the right to happiness and therefore a right to live a normal life without judgment or persecution (1. Noonan, CC 166). Of course there are some instances in which Noonan states, the right to life can be uncertain.…show more content…
One of these cases include rape. Rape is a traumatizing event that will likely lead to depression, anxiety, and overall mental/physical damage. To even bring up the mere concept of having to raise a child that the mother does not want, leads many to wonder if the rights of the mother should be respected in this regard. Through Thomson’s perspective, instances such as a fourteen year old girl getting pregnant due to rape (7. Thomson, CC 130), would be morally right to have an abortion. To deny her, or any victim of rape, the right to abort an unwanted child is a violation against a woman’s individual rights. This leads to another argument that Thomson develops. If the life of the woman is threated, does that only mean through a matter of life or death? What about instances such as undesired children that would bring misery (8. Thomson, CC 133). With the sense of emotion playing a factor into the argument, Thomson discusses the vague line many anti-abortion programs use to justify the fetus as a human being and the right to life (9. Thomson, CC 131). Thomson argues that many of these movements fail to regard the position and rights of the mother for any matter. All while, noting the fetus as a higher hierarchy due to the fact that it has done no wrong. Thomson would argue however, that through this positon, the fetus is would seem as a more…show more content…
It is not unjustified killing if the human inside the mother is dependent on the mother herself. Or rather, it does not equate to the same perceived ideological concept. To consider this act as murder is not accurate through the essence that the fetus’ life depends solely on the mother and takes both nutrients and energy away from the mother (10. Thomson, CC 133). To enact the title of murder, it must be unlawfully done and with an intent that is not justified. If the mother is “threatened” by the presence of the child, or is in no mental or physical condition to raise the child, then the term unjustified murder is coined to mean without reason or logic. However, Thomson would argue that these reasons alone would be sufficient positions that the mother could argue for her abortion rights. By using this perspective, the rights of the mother is thus justified and the term “murder” does not necessarily correspond to unjustified killing. The overall purpose of Thomson’s argument delves into the notion that women ought to raise the fetus; that they need and should care for another fellow human being. When in fact, the woman is not morally obligated to follow this perception and ideology.

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