The Pros And Cons Of Banning Books

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I believe that banning books affects a community,because it doesn’t allow people who read those books to have fun in reading. Like what if that type of book that is banned is the only type of book that, that person likes to read. Let’s say that Annie is a girl in 5th grade who doesn’t like reading books, and her mother is always looking for a book that her daughter might like.Her mother then finds a book called The “Super Hero girl”,and shows it to Annie and Annie loves it and turns it into the only thing she will read. Then the book that Annie was reading gets banned because it contains action not appropriate for children. Then Annie can’t read that book anymore she won’t read again and her mother is very worried. You see things like this could happen to another kid who enjoys a certain type of book but then gets banned,which then causes the kid to hate reading…show more content…
Let’s say that Marley is a 8 year old boy who one day passed by the library and found a book about sci-fi super heroes. He then starts reading it and enjoys the book & finishes it in 1 hour. He then returns to the library and finds out that there is a whole series about this book.He checks out all of the book series and then shows it to his friends in the neighborhood, which are only about 12 kids since they live out in the country.They immediately begin to read the books and enjoy them as much as Marley does. Then one day they decide to take the books to school to read them during reading time in english class. Then the teacher takes a look at the books they’re reading and discovers that those books have been banned because they contain too much action that may make children have nightmares.She takes away their books and tells them not to read those books ever again since they have been banned. The kids then decide not to read anymore since they don’t have the books they enjoyed reading, and that aren’t boring to for them to

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