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Inside Terrorism Bruce Hoffman’s Inside Terrorism describes terrorism as "The deliberate creation and exploitation of fear through violence or the threat of violence in pursuit of political change" (43). Inside Terrorism looks at terrorism in depth and provides many examples and explanations of terrorist acts worldwide. Defining terrorism is one of Hoffman’s main objectives in the book. Hoffman says that all terrorism includes violence or the threat of violence. Inside Terrorism provides readers with the knowledge that Terrorism is not some attack that is done randomly to hurt innocent bystanders, but it is attacks that are plotted and planned The Terrorist group that really stuck out to me was the Irgun. Some say that there was not a more brilliant case of intellectual structure than that of the Irgun. The Irgun committed several of different terrorist attacks in Palestine against Arab residents, and the British soldiers who were serving their country. These actions included bombing “vacant” buildings, kidnapping British officers, and stealing weapons from British army bases. These acts and more were shown by the Irgun out of the idea that they would no longer let history decide their fate, but that they would determine their own history.…show more content…
The Irgun organized itself in an aggressive military like fashion. The Irgun had very vigorous training. Members were required to properly complete strict drill exercises, to attend and participate in ceremonies, and there was a lot of attention given to discipline practiced. Irgun members had to attend formal ceremonies and had to maintain military relationships between the various ranks. The Irgun also trained with all types of guns and practiced throwing grenades. The Irgun had a cause and a purpose, and trained for that purpose as a military would to fight for its

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