The Pros And Cons Of Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation How does animal experimentation affect us? Name: Winny Stephanie Class: English 1-7 Submission date: 11th August, 2014 1.0 Introduction This report is written to tell us the background, issues and purpose of the debate, the social significance, and the different opinions of each party. More importantly, this report aims to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of animal experiments. 2.0 The Issue and Background of the Debate Although opposition against animal testing and the experimentation itself have been carried out since the ancient times, it is not until the end of the 19th century, when animal testing companies rapidly increased, society starts to create groups or organization against animal experiments.…show more content…
In 2012, it was recorded there are 4.11 million animal experiments located United Kingdom, 2.95 million out of all of the animals were experimented without anesthesia (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA], 2013/2014). Due to the rapid increase of animals used in experiments, the opposionist starts to threatened and attacked on the researchers. Either they would receive threat letters or packages, such as razor blades, or in extreme measure they were attacked, for instance car bombing. 3.0 The Social Significant of the Debate The fact that it has a great impact on the life of living creatures is the major issues of the opposing groups, not to mention evidence of drugs that are harmless to animals fails in human clinical trials. However, we cannot argue that these experiments practically help every medical breakthrough in the past decade and save a lot of lives, such as, Louis Pasteur experimented on dogs to find vaccine toward rabies, vaccine for hepatitis B, as well as cure toward cancer that based on animal experiments. 4.0 The Participants in the…show more content…
Human being is a complex living creature that has thousand and trillions of cells, tissues, molecules, and other systems inside the body that cannot be solely observe through microscope. After all, the statement of ‘nearly every medical breakthrough in the last 100 years was resulted from animal experiments’, by California Biomedical Research Association (Animal testing pro-cons, 2014) exist, is because they study the animals as models to study diseases and the way healthy body works. Until some extent, animals and humans have the same illness, for example, diabetes on dogs and cats, cancer, rabies on dogs and rabbits, etc. Furthermore, these experiments are help to protect safety for animals, environment and reduce the risk of human experimentation and harm toward human with fail products, for instance a drug called thalidomide, at first this drug was introduced as mild, harmless painkiller, and without further test it was prescribe toward pregnant women and caused ten-thousands more extreme birth defects. This proof that animal testing is needed, which encouraged by the World Medical Association Declaration of

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