Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Animal Testing

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Mandatory Animal Testing for Medical Experiments In class discussions, we have expressed the topic of whether animal testing was wrong or not because animals have feelings. Some researchers say that because animals can have emotional attachments and feel, that it is morally wrong to test animals in any way. According to Peggy Carson, an animal rights activist that have worked for years with animal protection organizations, she explains how animal testings are not need whatsoever in any field of research. In her article “Why We Don’t Need Animal Experimentation” she begins to bash on Sabin’s message in “Animal Research Saves Human Lives”. They both touch on the subject of the polio vaccines that were created to end the epidemic of polio around…show more content…
That being said, different humans have different types of emotional connections with animals. Every thing is different and has a different effect on everything in this world. The emotion humans feel for animals varies between the type of animal. Not all people care for rats, most people actually hate the sight of rats. While most people love puppies, there are people that believe dogs are a delicacy. Different animals have different attachments to them, causing outrage on certain animals for animal testing than on others. In the radiolab episodes, most of the discussions were about majestic animals that were in trouble or showing their protectiveness. Nobody talked about how rats may be effected in testing environments. What draws people in and causes uproar, are when big, rare animals are being injured in the wild or animals that pertain to us as “cute” are put in pain. I am guilty of this as well. I have mixed feelings on different animals and the type of animal matters to me, when being tested. If someone said there were 3000 rats being tested a day in a lab, to me, yes that is a lot of rats being tested but it doesn't mean much to me. However, once someone says we will be testing dogs and cats for any specific reason it shoots red flags up and that’s when I become curious as to what these animals need to be tested for. Depending on the type of animal being discussed, it will almost always be different…show more content…
This is a major point I struggle with and have mixed feelings about. On one hand, I believe that animals should be given a right to defend themselves and need to have a say for themselves with the support of humans. Yet on the other hand, no other living things are as close to humans as animals and in order to discover information and create anything new in the medical field for example, its going to take tests and multiple trials to conclude anything scientific. If we don’t test, we don’t discover. But if we do test, we’re not giving animals the proper say in the

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