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The 10 Best Headphones for Sleeping Sleeping headphones are practical and important gadgets that do not need special explanation or advertising as we all know what they are. Every music fan around the world that never imagines of parting with music even when sleeping can attest to this view. However, sleeping headphones are not only suitable for those who are not willing to part with their nice music only. Sleeping headphones can be ideal for music lovers who would like to protect their partners who might not stand the music playing on the bedroom speakers while sleeping. Besides, they can also be ideal in helping in cancelling out the external noise to allow you to sleep comfortably. Here is a review of the best 10 sleeping headphones that are durable and convenient to most customers. 1. Acoustic Sleepphones Acoustic sleep headphones are known for their comfortable headband that keeps the speakers in…show more content…
Sony Clip-on Stereo These top quality headphones affirm the ability of Sony to produce super audio technology devices. Sony Clip-on Stereo allows you to have a wonderful experience listening to your favorite music while asleep. With the exquisite music quality, these headphones are necessary product in your bedroom. The Sony Clip-on Stereo cost $25.66 on Amazon plus free shipping. Pros • Retractable 1.2m Litz Cord • Comfortable package and Lightweight (38 g) • Super quality sounds • Super dynamic frequency system range • Open-air dynamic Stereo Receiver Cons • Relatively expensive • Uncomfortable for side sleepers • Not flexible enough as it does not have Bluetooth capabilities 5. CozyPhones

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