Persuasive Essay About Being Crazy

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Have you ever just snapped in public? Your entire façade just cracks and you blow up lashing out at anything that annoys you even slightly, we all have.I try to be as happy as I can about everything, but there is just so much stuff that makes me want to kill someone and I need to vent out my frustrations. Out of everything that makes me mad there are four that really land me in a rage, whenever I do something stupid, when people go out of their way to annoy me, when people act stubborn for no good reason and when I’m ignored and talked over. Let’s start with the first one, when I do something stupid. Now I know that we all do stupid things in our life yet I feel like I do things that are so obvious that I want to just crawl into a corner and…show more content…
I know that if I let the people who annoy me make me mad then I’m their power and that the best thing to do is ignore them, but still it’s freaking irritating. The worst part is if I become mad in front of them then they’ll keep annoying me and it all just builds up making me want to destroy something. At times it come to the point that I want to grab their throats and hear them choking on their last words until they're silent. Unfortunately I can’t kill someone who just joking. Even worse is when you're having an awful day and everything agitates you to insanity until you explode in front of everyone, it does feel good…show more content…
You’ll be talking to someone then you have something amazing to add to the conversation but no one is listening then when they finally decided to listen you forget what it was and look like a moron. Then there are the people who purposely ignore you. That shouldn’t bother me as much as actually does, first I’ll be annoyed that someone is talking to me next thing I know I’m mad that they're ignoring, both ways I’m still mad there is no escape no victory only

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