The Prison Camp Short Story

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In this short story a dilemma arises with the troops about a certain prisoner that seems to care about them and is helping the camp. The troops do not understand the reasoning for his actions and think he is devising a plan to overthrow the camp. I believe that Gregory, the prisoner, was not a master assassin or a spy just a normal average Joe that was in the wrong place at the wrong time and did not want confrontation. He let multiple opportunities pass him by as the troops sat back and watched wondering what he was planning. I think Gregory stayed with his takers at the camp because he grew fond of them as people, he was scared and let fear take over, he knew his fate if he left, and others would act the same way. In the prison camp Gregory…show more content…
With the growing fear for his life I also believe that Gregory had a strong intuition that his fate was sealed as soon as he was captured. You can look at the previous example and look past his fear and realize that he understood what would happen to him with either option he choose. He could have ran and tried to survive in the elements with little chance of him making it through with his life. I feel that most people would try to survive and escape but you can say that it is horrible odds and the smart decision would be to stay and hope that he would be released eventually. On the other hand I think Gregory was thinking for his survive in the long haul and not concerned with escaping within a certain amount of time. Gregory let the fear of dying influence his thought process and let him live longer but not for him to get out of the prison…show more content…
Instead of taking a leap of faith and testing his survival skills he sat on his hands and waited to die in the camp. I feel Gregory was a weak individual and when tested he should his colors and he paid the ultimate price with his life. But, many people are like Gregory with thinking and do not have the mental capability to go through and take a risk with that much at stake. Many would have done the same thing as Gregory and just followed the rules, the end goal of getting released because the guards thought they behaved wonderfully. In the end the average person like Gregory would die without a good reason from the people holding them because his behavior scared the guards in to a paranoid

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