Globalization In Saudi Arabia

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“Saudi Arabia’s sudden wealth from oil transformed it in a few years from a collection of ill-lit desert towns to a constellation of urban clusters illuminated by the neon icons of (mostly) American fast food, furniture, automotive, office machine, and other franchises.” Freeman, C. (1998). People wonder why problems like hunger, equality, and racism still exists. In order to tackle these problems one can start with embracing globalization. Globalization has brought Saudi Arabia many gifts, making it a more connected, tolerant, and an advanced country. Globalization has had a major role in the uprising of Saudi Arabia’s economy, it has brought businessmen from all over the world that contributed in the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia. Globalization…show more content…
Almost unbelievably impoverished and backward within living memory, Saudi Arabia now possesses a physical infrastructure that any developed society would envy] Freeman, C. (1998). Globalization has made the country expand its growth in terms of economy, education, class, and development vastly. People in Saudi Arabia today are more advanced than their parents and their ancestors all because of globalization. Saudi Arabia has a strong infrastructure today because of the wealth distribution and economic benefits that was made possible by globalization. It is only a matter of time that globalization helped Saudi Arabia develop enormously in all ways possible. If we compare current Saudi Arabia’s economical, educational, civil state to the Saudi Arabia back in the 1940’s we could see a massive difference in terms of wealth, literacy, roads, communication, transportation, and nutrition. Globalization has made it available for Saudi Arabia to prosper and to reach its highest potential ever since oil was discovered in the region. Saudi Arabia went from being a “developing country” to a “developed country” in a short period of time. In fact, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world today. A great advantage that globalization has brought in Saudi Arabia’s favor is that it introduced the world to Saudi Arabia and it opened international trades with countries from all over the world. Today, Saudi Arabia has a wide collection of malls and international stores and restaurants. Globalization has introduced new businesses in Saudi Arabia which has created jobs and a competitive market inside the kingdom. Nothing drives the market

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