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The first article, Back to Bataan: A Survivor’s Story is an interview of Mr. Alf Larson, who came to America with his family at the age of four from Sweden. Larson’s father and brother were electrical engineers, Larson attempted to work with his brother but could not due to the chemicals. Upon returning home to Duluth Larson became a member of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and eventually joined the army. After being in the army for a short time Larson put in for a transfer to the Philippines and it was granted. Larson seemed to enjoy the Philippines until December 7, 1941. That’s the day when the while world come crashing down, after bombing Pearl Harbor, the Japanese also bombed Clark Field where Larson was at the time. Later on that…show more content…
On this particular ship the prisoners were place in a scorching hot cargo hold with little to no ventilation in the middle of August. Larson and others in his group were in these conditions for four days before finally arriving in Formosa. After a short stop there it was on to Japan. After 23 days of being stuck in the hold on the Hell Ship they finally reached their destination. In late 1944 American forces began bombing Japan, some of those bombs fell close to the prison camp where Larson was. Finally in August 1945 this horrific ordeal was over, the Japanese finally surrendered and it was time for America to rescue the POWs. In mid-September the POWs were finally issued clean clothes, even if they were Japanese military uniforms, and the next day they were put on a train to a hospital ship which was going to be heading for Manila. In Manila the POWs were there to rest and recover from such a terrible ordeal. After about a month there the POWs were put on another ship and sent back to America. Upon arriving in San Francisco the POWs were hospitalized and then sent to Iowa where they were hospitalized again before finally being released to go home to their

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