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Unbroken is a novel and movie that was inspired by a World War II veteran, Louis Zamperini. Laura Hillenbrand, the author of the novel, really tried to capture the hardship and pain that Louis experienced, and she did just that. When I first picked up the book, I could not put it down. When reading the book, I knew that he survived because he lived to tell his story, but what Louis experienced makes his life a miracle. As a child, Louis was troubled. He disobeyed his parents, robbed local stores, and even had his own stash of liquor. His older brother, Pete Zamperini, was the perfect child and everyone expected Louis to live up to him. Louis wanted nothing to do with the life of a straight A student, and a track star, he was rebellious. However after…show more content…
They had already been adrift for 27, surviving on nothing but rain water and fish. The courage and perseverance these men possessed is truly inspiring. Previous to this many downed airmen gave up hope of survival and died within the first few days. It is proven that after hearing of Louis's survival, the rescue percentage of airmen who crashed was greater than ever before. This is amazing to me, that one man's survival story can raise the moral of the entire country. This quote also shares with us an allusion to Bing Crosby's song “White Christmas.” This song, released in 1942, was the greatest single hit Christmas song ever recorded. The airmen were alone and stranded and singing this song reminded them of their families and sitting around the Christmas tree. It was one bright spot in their deserted world. Mac had soon lost all hope of survival and died. The remaining two floated on the ocean for 46 days, the longest time ever recorded at sea. Spotting land, Louis knew it was Japanese land by the direction they had been floating so they tried to steer clear of being seen. Unfortunately the plan

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