Plot Summary Of 'Let My People Go !'

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On Cyprus in 1946, American long-lost friends reunite. Mark Parker is a foreign correspondent, and Kitty Fremont is a nurse. Meanwhile, two other old friends, Ari Ben Canaan and David Ben Ami, from the Jewish underground, secretly Also reunite. Mossad is training and re-moralizing the Jews Detained in British camps for the coming battle over Palestine. Ari Risks 300 children aboard the ship Exodus in an Attempt to save 250,000 desperate people in Europe. Gradually Moved Kitty is hearing from detainees' Stories About surviving the Holocaust. Karen Hansen Clement Becomes Kitty's ward, and she tells the harrowing story of Dov Landau surviving the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz. Kitty is convinced to join Ari's plot, Not Knowing That the Exodus is Intended to awaken the world to the inhumanity of British Mandate policy, with Mark as publicist. The Exodus is wired to explode if the British attack. A standoff DEVELOPS, and Ari raises the stakes Through a hunger strike. I reveals a suicide pact That Makes London "Let my people go!"…show more content…
They find disappointing Palestine Because the Jews are too proud to farm and spoiled by money pouring in from overseas philanthropists. Jossi works to Understand the Arab mentality and controlled use force to gain Their respect. When the Jews restore Hebrew as a national language, the brothers Become Akiva and Barak. After World War I, the Balfour Declaration falls short of Being the "Magna Carta of the Jewish people," who reclaim the land as the Arabs organize for holy war. The brothers, Both Important in Yishuv government, are divided over the use of terrorism Against Britain, Which overlooks Yishuv Contributions and Arab
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