Examples Of Criminal Conspiracy

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Criminal conspiracy rationale and utility Some of the important cases involving large scale conspiracies are The Indira Gandhi assassination, The Rajiv Gandhi Assassination and the Parliament Attack case. E.g. The conspirators must know of the general object of bombing a city (State of Maharshtra v. Som Nath Thapa) or that the conspiracy is directed towards the murder of an eminent personality (State v. Nalini), though the specific city or the specific identity need not be known i.e. that the conspirators should know that they are part of and that their acts are directed towards a common object, the nature of which they know in general, though the exact nature need not be known. If this basic knowledge of the common object is not present, then there cannot be said to be a meeting of minds as to the agreement and its object. Without the intent to achieve the common object there can be no conspiracy.…show more content…
This is because, firstly the RDX could not be put to any legitimate use and thus the intent required for the offence of conspiracy may be inferred from the knowledge. Further, specific details need not be known as long as the conspirators know of the common object of the conspiracy and intend to cooperate in its achievement. Here the given intention may be presumed from the

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