Nature Vs. Nurture In Dead Man Walking

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“The death penalty. It's nothin' new; it's been with us for centuries. We've buried people alive; lopped off their heads with an axe; burned them alive at a public square... Now we have developed a device that is the most humane of all. Lethal injection...We don't have to taste the blood of revenge on our lips, while this, human being's organs writhe, and twist, and contort... We just sit there, quietly. Nod our heads, and say: 'Justice has been done.” this is a common viewpoint of people against the death penalty. This viewpoint is elaborated more thoroughly in the film “Dead Man Walking” by the main character Sister Helen Prejean. Sister Helen also exhibited the two concepts nature vs. nurture, the both/and approach and the either/or approach.…show more content…
nurture concept is about whether someone’s identity, worldview, and personality is affected more by their genes or by how they were raised and their surroundings. Nature relies solely on your genes and the personality you were born with, and nurture relies solely your environment and conditioning.The both/and Magnus 2 approach and the either/or approach are two different ways to look at the big debates such as pro-life vs. pro-choice. The either/or approach is a very strong belief with one winner and one loser, while the both/and approach is a belief with both sides winning or compromising. In the film “Dead Man Walking” the nature vs. nurture concept is shown when you meet Matthew Poncelet’s family and then his friends. The different approaches are shown with the delacroix’s and the percy’s vs. sister helen’s approaches toward the death penalty and how they responded to each others…show more content…
nurture concept has affected me but not one more than the other. The quiet personality I was born with isn’t the same as my personality now, I am still quiet sometimes but I also can be very loud and bubbly. In the movie Dead Man Walking There is a similar situation with Sister Helen, who had flashbacks or her and her siblings/friends whacking a dead possum with sticks. However in the flashback she is the only one not whacking the possum, thus her nature overpowered her nurture in this situation. Also I take the both/and approach to most major issues wanting both sides of the argument to be happy with the solution. Similar to Sister Helen wanting to be able to support Matthew and Mr.Delacroix, However their either/or approach makes this

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