Mr. Van Daan In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Think of people in the world that always puts themselves before anyone else. In World War II, the super power Germany wants to make a perfect race, a non Jew race. Inside of Germany and the counties they have conquered. Hitler ordered his Nazi party to capture and kill Jewish people. Their reign made many Jewish people go into hiding from the Nazis. Anne Frank and her family were forced to go into hiding from the Nazis. She wrote a diary about her experiences that inspired Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett to make a play about it. In the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, Mr. Van Daan was a person that the Franks took into their hiding place. Despite the fact that Mr. Van Daan should be grateful the Franks, he is not; instead he consistently puts himself before others.…show more content…
Van Daan is extremely greedy. Mr. Van Daan is the most narcissistic, self-centered person in the story. He always puts his needs before others in the annex. Not once is he seen passing up an opportunity that would better benefit someone that he loves. He takes that opportunity for himself. When Miep is bringing in the cake in Act 1, Mr. Van Daan wants more cake then he was going to get. He left Margot out when they were giving out cake so he could have more. Mr. Van Daan says, “I left Margot out, I take it for granted Margot won’t eat any” (413). Margot was sick at the time, so Mr. Van Daan left her out so that he could have more cake. Instead of making her feel better by including her in the event, he uses the opportunity to his advantage. This leads to nothing, Mr. Frank told the cake cutter, Mrs. Van Daan to include Margot and cut her a slice. To summarize, the quote I choose perfectly described Mr. Van Daan by showcasing his selfishness. He left Margot out when Miep was giving out cake to get more for himself. It showed him using a tragedy like sickness for his own needs. If that does not show a greedy man, I do not know what
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