American Horror Story: Indecency

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Throughout the years, television programs have challenged the idea of decency and what should or should not be shown on TV. By doing this uproars have become more common among parents and viewers whose views do not match up to those of the director. They debated on whether most of the shows that are on TV now-a-days are not decent. American Horror Story is one of the biggest controversial TV programs on the air today. It is known well for its indecency. Indecency is being offensive while also not being suitable for younger audiences. American Horror Story should be considered as indecent because it possesses both of those traits. In today’s society being offensive happens nearly every day. People disregard others feelings by making openly rude or smart comments without any hesitation. Offensive is making someone uncomfortable about themselves, someone else, or the situation they are in. Also, it can mean to cause unpleasant feelings. The general public does not like to be put in those circumstances where he or she could be offended by any type of social media or other sources, but continue to use them daily. One of the most common places to find offensive material would be modern day television. Whether it be on CNN, talk shows, or TV programs in general, material that can be…show more content…
From vulgar language, nudity, and suicide scenes, indecent should be what the show is called. AHS portrays throughout each episode and season material that could offend almost anyone. The shows main focus on each season includes repulsive material that even the most avid viewers find degrading. With scenes that feature abortion, murder, rape, and even incest; all of these fall under qualities for indecency. From season one with its vicious rape scenes and mass murder shooting that occurs somewhat close to the beginning of the season to the finale where one can see the psychosis and insanity are lurking under every

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