Richard Zimmer's Impact On The Film Industry

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Zimmer’s impact on the film industry is largely due to the fact that music is a vital factor in a cinematic work. The score of a film is used to express underlying emotions but also obvious ones. It is important that the music presents these emotions at the right time to make a significant impact. The soundtrack and score are also used to enhance the atmosphere and the mood; it helps to create the world presented in the film. The music should match up perfectly with the picture, whether the desired emotion is directly implied or not. The audience should be guided by the score to help understand what is unspoken. Just as any protagonist or supporting role, the soundtrack serves as another character in the film, making it one of the most important…show more content…
He carefully entwines the track with the storyline and enhances the visual effects. For example, in The Dark Knight, while the majority of the soundtrack was very hard hitting, as was the storyline, there were certain parts in the film that did not follow the overall theme. Zimmer’s soundtrack seamlessly follows the picture while also reminding the viewers of the greater story. Zimmer has a capability of composing music that follows abstract plots, such as in The Dark Knight trilogy and also in Inception. Both of these films, and many of the ones he has composed for, are known all over the world. One could say that without Zimmer’s soundtrack in films such as The Dark Knight, viewers could never be as emotionally invested as they…show more content…
Zimmer’s signature style is one appealing to many of today’s top filmmakers. Another aspect of Zimmer that makes him popular to directors is his undeniable ability to understand a story and enhance it with music. Many of the top films today would not be able to tell half of the story if Zimmer had not scored music that attached to it in such a perfect way. Zimmer has reformed the way music is seen in the film industry. In the past, film scores were used to fill empty space or connote a specific emotion. Zimmer has the exceptional ability to express emotions that surrounds the entire plot and more, making him a legend in the film world. His talents are recognized around the world, making him one of the most favored film score composers in our

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