Circular Structure Of The Outsiders

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The Outsiders tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis, a fourteen year old, who has just lost his parents and is trying to get his life back on track, but it seems like an impossible endeavor once the plot starts developing. The story starts with Ponyboy walking home alone from the movie theater, a car pulls over and a group of Socs gets out of it and starts beating him. Some of Ponyboy’s friends from his gang happened to be close and help him, making the Socs run off. The next night Ponyboy and Johnny, the two youngest of the gang, are hanging out at the park when a group of Socs approaches them and starts beating them. Johnny, who had previously been “jumped”, always carried a knife with him in case it happened again; since the fight…show more content…
All these tragic events and the injuries the rumble had caused on Pony lead to a breakdown and Pony is unconscious for three days. When he finally wakes up things were not the same, Pony who was a brilliant boy becomes absentminded and starts failing all his classes in school. His English teacher feels sorry for him and decides to give him another opportunity, he tells Pony to write about something that matters to him, so he begins his story telling about a fourteen year old walking home alone from the movie theater. Analysis The Outsiders exhibits a circular structure. The story follows the main character’s series of unfortunate events until these events lead the reader back to the way the story started. The book has 180 pages and is divided into twelve chapters. Each chapter contains dialogs and narrations. S.E. Hinton writes in a singular manner, her grammar and some of the words she uses to narrate this story, are not words a well-educated person or a writer would use to write a book; however, the author wrote the book this way because the narrator is an underworld character. This detail helps the reader realize that the narrator as well as the other members of the gang are not well educated people and belong to

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