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Epic Heroes from Different Worlds The average child today has a hero they admire. These heroes can be seen on television, read about in comic books, or they can be a fathom of the imagination. The common heroes today are Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and the list stretches even further. Although these are well known heroes today, there were different kinds of heroes long ago. They possessed the same characteristics as the heroes today. These heroes are called epic heroes. Epic heroes are brave and noble characters that are faced with many trials and tribulations. Every hero faces a different journey, and may conquer different wars. Oedipus and Odysseus were different heroes, and they are considered heroes for different reasons. Oedipus can be described as a true hero. However, Oedipus was not the average hero. He conquered many obstacles that were fit to destroy his character. He was once a man that was abandoned and mistreated for quite some time. Oedipus was an orphan that believed he was part of a royal family. He did not mature in a privileged manner, like most heroes. He only received 20 years of his life to…show more content…
This small act of heroism does not compare to what he will face further down the road, but it is a start. As a hero, Oedipus was arrogant at times. However, he was also an intelligent and independent man. One of the characteristics that make him a true hero is his will to never give up. Although he is arrogant, he considers himself to be a citizen. “But now, since after all was finished, I became a citizen among you, citizens” (624). Oedipus does not accept his fate, and he does everything in his power to fight his fate. Unknowingly, Oedipus discovers that he killed his father and married his mother, just as his fate claimed. Oedipus can be described as the tragic hero because of the fate he faced. Although his fate was ironic, he still posses the characteristics of a true

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