Odysseus: A True Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Heroes Odysseus the great, Homer’s main character in the epicThe Odyssey, was one of the greatest true heroes to the Greeks four thousand years ago. My father, David Woodruff, has proven to others he is a true hero like Odysseus. Odysseus and my father both show bravery, determination, and intelligence to prove they are true heroes. A true hero needs to show bravery. Both Odysseus and my father show bravery. Odysseus showed bravery all throughout the epic. When Odysseus was sailing into the straight of Scylla, he knew everyone will die, and there was a possibility he was going to die too. Sailing into a monster’s lair would take bravery. My father also shows bravery. My father is the scout leader for my scout troop. My troop and I…show more content…
In the beginning of the epic, the Greeks were fighting the Trojans for many years. Odysseus planned to build a wooden horse full of soldiers to open the gates, and let the Greek army into the walls of Troy. The Greeks invaded Troy, and won the war by killing everyone. My father is extremely different than Odysseus. My father is a dentist who runs his own business. He is a genius because he did nine years of college in seven and a half years. A couple of years ago, we made a special chair for a child who has cerebral palsy. The chair was extremely complicated because it had attachments in many places. The child was unbelievably happy because he was able to play with everyone else. No ordinary person would have been able to build the chair, only a genius could. Odysseus and my father are extremely smart, but my Dad is smarter because he knows important things that will help one today. Now a days one would most likely not need to know how to sword fight, sail a Greek war ship, or shoot a bow. One would probably need to know how to run a business, drive a car, own a house, and the list keeps going on. My father is clearly a better hero because he knows how to operate items which could help us today. Another good characteristic of a hero is

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