Mental Health Counselor Ethics Case Study

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As a student and future, mental health counselor the importance of having a clear understanding of ethics will open the doors to be a good counselor with professionals and a model that clients will follow. Our future clients’ are going to pay attention to our behaviors as professionals. Imagine yourself visiting a mental health counselor seeking help and when you actually meet the counselor their behavior is not what you would feel comfortable with, or it could impact you in a negative way. It’s important for all the counselors to be ethical in their profession. Imagine a client who goes to see a counselor and arrives at the office few minutes early and you can hear the counselor comment about your case and laughing with two other co-workers. What kind of impression is the counselor giving to that client? How hard will it be for that client to trust another…show more content…
We need to take into consideration that for some individuals it is courageous to seek help and tell their stories, and it is encouraging for the clients to have a professional counselor that would take the time to hear the clients’ living situation. Ethics gave a sense of boundaries that are necessary for helping others without losing yourself in the process. Mental health counselors can empower other peoples’ lives; therefore, it is important to understand and apply professionals’ values as a way of living. There will be moments of difficulties and as professional counselors, we need to be prepared for unexpected situations. Furthermore, having a supervisor that can help counselors to remain and apply ethical reasoning in those difficult times can reduce the possible damage to an individual’s life. Ethics is worth to learned because it gives us an understanding of what we can do as mental health counselors and what we cannot

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