The Negative Effects Of Technology

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Technology allows people to complete many tasks without requiring human contact but i think it has had many negative effects on us and we don’t even notice it till it’s too late. You shut out people when your on your phone cause you don’t hear what they’re saying or asking and they get mad at you then you get in a big fight about it and you shut out your family too playing on your phone at the dinner table and your parents are just trying to spend time with you and you lose those precious moments of spending time with your family when you just play on your phone a lot. It messes with your learning in class your too focused on texting someone in class instead of doing your work or listening to the teacher then you get a bad grade or a referral and your phone gets taken away and then you get mad at the teacher but it was your fault.…show more content…
When you shut out people you lose sight of what’s important they could have lost a family member a best friend and your just shutting them out by playing on your phone. They notice your not listening then you two get in a big fight and end up stop being friends over a little piece of tech friends are more important than a phone. You lose track of friends when you just play on your phone a lot and you lose sight of what’s right and wrong you don’t need to do everything technologically i mean not everything is based around your phone. It makes you lose focus of what your doing and why you’re doing
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