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Inside the washing machine, there is a block of concrete used to balance the electric motor. This motor operates a gearbox attached to the inner tub, where the clothes are placed. In the middle of the tub, there is an agitator with holes at the side, so water can exit when the tub spins. This is used to mix the liquids together. The outer tub encloses the water, which is released to the body of the washer. In the process, the inner tub moves around vigorously, so it has put into a position that doesn't interfere with other components. The inner tub is attached to a gearbox, which is attached to a black frame. This frame holds the motor, gearbox, and the block of concrete. There are three pulleys that pull the frame up and down. This helps support…show more content…
The top pump tries to suck air from the top of the wash tub and force it back up through the bottom, so that no water recirculation takes place. When the pump spins counter-clockwise, the water from the bottom of the tub is sucked by the top pump and pumps it back to the top. the bottom, pump tries to pump water from the drain hose back into the bottom of the tub. The drain hose loops to the top of the machine before going down to the drain. There are instances that the pump does not spin at all. The washing machine has a drive mechanism. The drive mechanism has two jobs which is moving the clothes back and forth and spin the entire wash tub so that the water will be released. The gearbox handles these jobs. if the motor spins in one direction, the gearbox agitates while if it spins the opposite way the gearbox goes into spin cycle. When the pulley of the gearbox pins one way, the inner shaft move back and forth slowly. When you spin the pulley the opposite direction the flange spins ver fast, spinning the whole tub with it. The gear has a link attached to it. The pie-shaped gear engages a small gear on the inner shaft which brings it to the

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