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Halal is an Arabic word that meaning are "legal" or "allow". This is in the Koran (Muslim scriptures) specified in the standard diet. The opposite of halal is haram, which means illegal or forbidden. In all aspects of life, halal and haram is common terminology. These terms are often used in food, meat products, personal care products, cosmetics and so foth. Although a lot of things is obviously halal or haram, but some things are not unknown. As halal or haram, further information is needed. These projects are often referred to as "mashbooh", which means that in doubt. In generally in the Islamic halal food unless it is specifically prohibited by the Qur'an and Hadith. Halal food are many definitions by official definition. Next, there are no component that prohibits Muslims from eating, according to sharia law (Shariah) and apparatus, equipment, or machinery for cleaning, processing, manufacturing, manufacturing, or storage in accordance with Islamic law. Furthermore, Eat Muslim halal food is in order to keep the body healthy and strong, contribute to their intellectual and social welfare.Muslims should strive to get the best nutrition. All food is considered halal, except for the following foods are alcoholic beverages and wines, non halal…show more content…
KasehDia Consulting recently conducted a survey, although people understanding of halal cosmetics is still very low, but their awareness of halal cosmetics is higher and higher, and consumers are ready to purchase halal cosmetics. Survey found that in emerging markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, about 57.6% and 37.7% of Muslims aware, if you have these products, they will purchase halal cosmetics. Nerveless, in these respondents, more than half of people admit that it is hard to find a halal

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