The Negative Effects Of Child Labor

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Child labor is a very controversial and sensitive subject in today’s world. It is something that can either be a good thing, or in some cases be a negative thing. Children in many different countries have different ways of life and work, so opinions on this matter may vary. Child labor however, can prevent poverty among families and can allow children to not be in dangerous environments for money. Although some may say child labor does have its risks, overall it can have more positive effects than negative ones. Child labor can be a main source of income for many families in many different countries. In many cases, the children in the family that work may need to work to survive. If it were not for some children's’ jobs, their family may…show more content…
There are many different types of jobs that children can do to make money. However, some of these jobs can be dangerous. Child labor can actually end up being an advantage for some kids. “If they must give up their jobs in Western companies, they are forced to exchange them for something else - and this might not to be to their advantage.” (Faulmuller). If kids are not working in jobs such as working in factories, they could be put into a more dangerous situation and work jobs that can be cruel and illegal. If Western countries did get rid of child labor, the children would have no other option but to result to other ways of making money, and this would be to their disadvantage. Without the current jobs of children in factors, they can be faced with exploitation and can be forced to work in much lower class environments. All children would rather be working an organized safe job than in harsh…show more content…
Many people who own companies may think that since the children are younger with less work experience, that they do not have to treat them as they would treat their other employees. Stated by Faulmuller, children are “‘the cheapest to hire, the easiest to fire, and the least likely to protest.’”. Child labor has been seen as an easier target than adult labor due to the children being so young and not likely to stand up for themselves. On the other hand, in many large and well known companies such as nike, they provide the same amount of respect, money, and working conditions to children as they do to adults. Nike says that they would “tighten air-quality controls to insure that the air breathed by workers met the same standards enforced by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration at home” and that “its factories in Indonesia and Vietnam pay legal minimum wages and more.” (Cushman). Nike makes sure to treat the children the same as anyone else who works there . This proves that it is not likely for children to get taken advantage of when there are certain working standards that need to be met for them and for wherever they are

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