Persuasive Essay On Fast Food

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Americans have become accustomed to having larger portion sizes due to eating out at restaurants. “Portions have simply gotten out of control, leading to greater incidences of obesity, high-cholesterol, and heart disease”(SITE). Restaurants also focus on the taste and care less about the calories, fat, carbohydrates, or any of the other nutritional values that people need to eat a nutrient balanced meal. Also people are always on the go, so it’s important that food is served fast. When it comes to our health it’s important to be cautious of what we put in our bodies. “Some studies show that less than 20% of adults are currently meeting the USDA guidelines for a healthy diet' (Site) The easiest way to do this is instead of going to restaurants, make meals at home.…show more content…
It is budget friendly and you can obtain a healthier lifestyle. A healthy and satisfying meal can be prepared for less than $30 for 4. Although eating fast food, such as the dollar menu is much less, in the long run it will add up. Going out and buying ingredients can last a decent amount of time and will cost less than always going out to eat. High-fat and high-calorie foods does not provided mental or physical energy that the family needs. The money saved from not eating out can be used for another activity that the whole family can enjoy. Making meals at home also increases family time and you know what is in your food. Making meals can be a fun activity for the whole family where engage everyone has a task in the kitchen. Make the kitchen the place in your home where food, family and friendships are celebrated. Restaurants do not have to tell ingredients, calories, fat, or additives in the meals they serve you. Eating out from time to time is not bad, but frequently can increase your waistline. Going and buy the ingredients, you are knowledgeable of what is in your

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