Positive And Negative Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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During the time of the Industrial Revolution there were many negative and positive effects. Most of the effects were negative because the factory owners did not care for the factory workers ; they did not treat their workers like they were not worth their capital. All they cared about was receiving as much money as they could. The factory owners needed cheap and unskilled labor which profited greatly by using children and women to run the machines. First off, in the Revolution there was not only negative effects, there were also some positive effects. For instance, one of the main positive effects was that women in document nine looked like they had a robust paying jobs because they have enough money to pay for a pleasant wardrobe. Women did not have their work station a mess , their area was well organized . The women also had their own working space , so all women did…show more content…
For instance one of the main negative effect in the Industrial Revolution was that men and children were treated expressively poor. Hebergam , a factory worker had damaged lungs and his leg muscles did not function properly to support the weight of his bones. The main cause of this was the dust in the factories, also he was over worked and did not have a significant diet. For the children that worked in the factory were treated indesposed as proof is shown in this excerpt , hebergam’s younger brother “got cut by a machine and died from an infection (document one ).” Over a dozen had died working in factories with reasons of kids getting caught by a machine , cut by a knife ,broken bones and ripped flesh. The factory that hebergam worked in was lacking in security for the reasons of no safety laws , poor ventilation, and long hours etc. This factory is very unsafe for children to be working in for the reasons I listed above from (document
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