How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect The Community

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I disagree with the statement saying the Industrial revolution had more negative effects on the world community than positive effects. The Industrial revolution may be argued to be one of the most important times of human history because of what it gave humanity and the opportunities that it laid out for us. In the beginning of the Industrial Revolution there were some negative effects because of how large the scale was of inventions and opportunity which led to stumbling into mistakes. These mistakes however, showed how the technology and grand scheme of formatting could be improved. The Industrial revolution’s positive effects laid out a road map for the rest of humanity until the end of time. From technology, government, consumerism, and…show more content…
One problem in which had an effect was overpopulation and pollution. Due to new technology such as textile manufacture, water powered mills, etc, factories began to form in the same area in which were soon called cities, more people began to move for job opportunity. Because of the high demand for Jobs, as well as the products being made in the factory, more people began to move into the cities causing overwhelming amounts of people in which could not fit. Due to these problems, actions were made promptly in order to fix the temporary problem, and plans were created to permanently better the population count as well as pollution control in the cities. The actual structured layout of homes and living areas drastically changed to maximize space and organization. The cities also started to expand into other areas making room for more factories and growth for more businesses. In the beginning when work and factories began to boom, there were no laws regarding work hours and work labor. The owners of these businesses took advantage and began working men, woman, and children 12+ hours a day with no breaks or weekends off. This led to problems in child labor problems which began to spark a disruption. This led to a law passed regarding child labor and age limits in order to…show more content…
Class structure changed due to the Industrial revolution because of how much work was available leaving more people to have jobs which expanded the middle class and lowered the lower class heavily. The middle class was very small before the Industrial Revolution because job opportunity was not very present due to the lack of change in society and workflow. When the industrial revolution came, more people were able to get a steady wage job which put them in the middle class because of a constant income. The reasoning for the job opportunities is because of the creation of factories and mass product. These factories began as textile machinery and began to grow into other factories such as cotton factories and wool factories. More workers were needed to work in these factories due to the size and quantity the factory was producing. This lead to people moving into the areas in which the factories were based known as cities. From there the industry and work

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