Anne Moody's Life Story Analysis

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Miguel A Martinez History 110 Professor McGovern December 3, 2015 Civil Rights Anne Moodys life story is illustrated in Coming of Age in Mississippi her struggles growing up in a disenfranchised household open her eyes to the harsh reality of racial, and wealth inequality. In the following I will describe all the social injustices African Americans faced during their struggle for nation equality. We are all very lucky that we never had to live in an area when hate crimes was the normal reaction in order to settle any differences in daily life. From my personal experiences in the South and not being Caucasian racism still exist even in our present. While spending my Thanksgiving holiday with my friend Jamarcias McMoris in Jackson, Mississippi it open my eyes to real racism while at a local country bar which had a hip hop night. I was approached by the caucasian couple and expressly asked to leave their bar. Of course I choose not to since they had no right to ask me to leave facility. Growing in California I had no idea how socially different Jackson, Mississippi would be. It was not my first southern city I had visited. I had previously traveled and visited Baton Rogue, Montgomery, Columbus, Raleigh, and…show more content…
The majority were forced to live a measurable miserable life. They accepted the policies and laws imposed on them to keep them in terrible life conditions. It wasn’t until both new generation of black and white could come together to put and end to it all and make a change. This could have had different results if one of the two groups would have given up or lost hope but they all worked vary diligently to push ahead into the road ahead of them. Pull all like individual to keep their dreams alive and each other safe from the dangers in their

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