The Men We Carry In Our Minds Summary

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Sanders’ essay “The Men We Carry in Our Minds” is not only a brilliant enquiry into the impact of memories on our perception of circumstances, it is also an exposition of how our recollection of memories is colored by our present circumstances. “We are responsible for our own problems.” “But dad, it’s all America’s fault. The news is all propaganda. They just want the oil, dad. They’re scared of us.” “Use your sense, silly boy. Do you honestly think everything is a huge conspiracy theory? All the issues we have are a result of Israel and the West? You need to go back to studying and stop watching these stupid Youtube videos.” “Dad is brainwashed. He doesn’t know anything.”, I would mumble as soon as I was out of earshot. Conversations like these were the staple at my family’s dinner table.…show more content…
They cause me to wonder what I was thinking when I had those conversations. They become painful reminders of opinions I barely find relevance in anymore. Yet, at that time, they were strong opinions I held, based upon other, even older memories. Sanders’ mentions that he had a similar experience with soldiers, his memories in the past had caused him to believe that “they scarcely worked at all.” Sanders also admits that “baffled when the women at college accused me and my sex of having cornered the world’s pleasures”. He attributes his confusion in those days to “the miseries [he] saw, as a boy, in the lives of nearly all men.” Likewise, I too, consider my circumstances: my narrow world view and inexperience, the cause of my ignorant beliefs. Moreover, my current circumstances, which have allowed me to broaden my perspective and consider several diverse opinions, have resulted in me detesting my previous beliefs and searching for new

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