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Sports Psychology Introduction Using Michael Jordan as a central figure in this case study, I intent to evaluate the role between personality profiles and predict elite sports performance. I also intent to evaluate the relationship between, anxiety, arousal and stress; additionally comparison will be made of the methods of motivation for improving performance. Furthermore evaluations of theoretical models explaining the causes of aggression will be looked at in relation to my Michael Jordan’s suggested intimidatory style. Finally an analysis of methods for reducing competitive anxiety will be considered. Jordan attended Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington. Although he got into trouble and was suspended various times during his freshman year and was cut from varsity basketball the following year due to an underdeveloped 5-foot 11-inch physique, he…show more content…
This change of behaviour is transparent on athletes, who worry, think doubtful, and became fearful, before or during a game. Michael Jordan calls fear an illusion. He and many other athletes learn to turn fear into anger. You can run from fear, or you can attack it. If you challenged Jordan’s pride he wouldn’t be afraid. He uses that energy to become more aggressive. Good athletes take fair of failure and turn it around. Look at fear as a natural part of growing and learning. People who succeed aren’t afraid to fail. Failure can be a better teacher than winning. (Mack et al. 2001, p.80) Boxer Evander Holyfield said that athletes often choke because (unlike Michael Jordan, Nancy Lopez, and John McEnroe) they can’t control their emotions. “Once you get angry, your body starts doing things you don’t want it to do,” he said. (Clarkson, M.

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