Dry Shampoo Marketing Strategy

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Program & Batch: PGDM (2015 – 17) Term: I Course Name: Marketing Strategy and Organisation Name of the faculty: Prof. Harvinder Singh Topic/ Title : Marketing Plan on a Dry Shampoo Original or Revised Write-up: Original Section B Group Number: 09 Contact No. and email of Group Coordinator: 9177515952 , ft15bhagiradhsista@imt.ac.in Group Members Sl. Roll No. Name 1 150101078 Nishu Singla 2 150102018 Ankit Mohata 3 150102088 Shilpa Kumari 4 150102098 Subhanu Chakrabarti 5 150103053 Bhagiradh Sista 6 150103140 Sahil Ahuja 7 150103178 Srishti Thukral 1.0 Executive Summary P&G is preparing to launch a new product – Dry & Strong, a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a shampoo used for cleaning up of hair, removal…show more content…
Because of the changing consumer behaviour and the wider beauty benefits provided by dry shampoo the market is growing at a much faster rate. Apart from the time saving factor, the end user benefits of dry shampoo has led to increasing consumer acceptance in Europe and U.S. 2.2 SWOT Analysis 2.2.1 Strengths • Strong Brand Image There are many strong brands associated to P&G‘s name all over the globe with total number of brands exceeding 300 in over 180 countries. In fact the annual sales of around 24 brands is over 1,000 million dollars and of 20 brands it is between 500 million dollars to 1 billion dollar. These 44 brands constitutes 85% sales and profits of the company. So, the launch of dry shampoo will have an advantage of brand value and trust which P&G has gained over years. • Well-developed Research & Development team P&G gives strong focus on research and development and is one of the top 20 investors in R&D. It engages 8000 engineers and scientists with 25 research centres spread across 12 countries and an annual R&D budget of $2 billion dollars. In order to speed up the internal innovation it has launched a programme called ‘Connect and Develop’ which involves external partners for

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