The Labyrinth Journey

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The movie Labyrinth is a coming of age story. The character Sarah goes on a journey through the Labyrinth but as well herself. The traits Sarah exhibits at the beginning of the film are that of an immature teenager who resents her baby brother, and the responsibilities that come along with babysitting him. Then she accidentally wishes her brother Toby away to the Labyrinth. The Goblin King gives her thirteen hours to make it to the center or Toby shall become a goblin himself. At the end of the movie Sarah does of course succeed in saving her brother, and she comes out of this ordeal as a better person. The ideal traits Sarah has at the end are maturity, selflessness, and the ability to keep hold of her imagination. These are qualities that…show more content…
When Sarah faces the Labyrinth, she makes an assumption that the long corridor in front of her must have an obvious turn. She eventually asks for help from a character in the movie who leads her in the right direction. This can actually correlate in real life when we make assumptions about people. I may assume that this person is a “snob” and I won’t ever strike a conversation. There could be the possibility of friendship with this person, and I end up avoiding a great opportunity. Sarah by asking for help starts to realize that you just can’t assume things, but that you have to actually ask questions to find the truth. This is beginning to show a level of maturity that Sarah did not have before. Also throughout the movie Sarah repeatedly says “That’s not fair” and by a certain point in the movie one of the characters said the same thing and Sarah replies “No, it isn’t, but that’s the way it is”. She suddenly realizes a significant truth that life isn’t always fair. I think especially in this generation, the people my age take things for granted and say that anything in general isn’t fair. As if they are entitled to something more than other people. The people who overcome this part show a level of maturity that I want myself. It’s important in life to be grateful for what I have and to realize that sometimes it doesn’t always go my

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