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Daedalus ( also known as Quintus) was a brilliant inventor - the Thomas Edison of his day. I choose Daedalus, because of his mind, creativity and the reason for making the labyrinth. Unfortunately he angered King Minos of Crete. King Minos respected Daedalus’s work, but soon captured Daedalus for helping Theseus kill the minotaur who was placed in the labyrinth that Daedalus himself made. Daedalus lived a fateful life with journey and loss, murder and friends, family and disrespect. The 4 most important parts are his childhood,his days with his nephew, his experience with King Minos and his son, and him in Cocalus. Daedalus was born in 180 BC and died in 120 BC. I will tell you his story from event to event. The life as an inventor and the journey for freedom. Daedalus’s powers and skill were natural and he was destined for this. Daedalus was a Demi-God so he could have died. Daedalus was said to either be a son of Athena or the son of…show more content…
Cocalus loved Daedalus's riches and mind. King Minos put a wanted sign on Daedalus and who ever gave Daedalus to him would get infinite riches. Cocalus was stuck in a knot on what to do. He would get infinite riches in turning Daedalus in or keeping Daedalus and keep his love for Daedalus’s creations. Cocalus had an idea! He tricked King Minos to come.One of the 2 myths was told to have happened. One was Cocalus and King Minos secretly when talking by either a weapon, poison or suffocation and was not blamed for it and it said to have been incidental. Another myth was Cocalus requesting his daughter’s to kill Minos by wrapping him up in a group of vines and squeezing it to death. At the end all the riches landed in the arms of Cocalus. For thanking Cocalus, Daedalus made him a tower to store the Kings treasures. Cocalus also attributed to Daedalus by making an artificial lake near Megara in

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