Theseus The Odyssey

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Myths are the validation that provides answers, asked by virtue of the human condition. Logic is limited and contingent on proficiency so it is well reasoned to use mythology as a way of elucidating the void. Consider myths as indicators of human creativity that remain exegesis for human philosophical ideas, code of behavior, and sentience. The impact of myths refashioned human interaction inasmuch as bringing forth fictional heroes to glorify. The myth of Theseus can be used to illustrate the nature of myths while serving as a proclamation and apologia clarifying the influence of myths on the Ancient world. The myth of Theseus functions as a representation of cultural knowledge and bestows a luminary sample of true heroism in Greek culture.…show more content…
For example, Theseus, though small in stature, was able to defeat the towering boys in his village by elementary yet skillful methods. His chosen method was using his opponents weight against them. The principle is gaining leverage from a favorable position to submit his adversary; early tactics used in the sport of wrestling. As Theseus underwent his formative years into a man many questions were raised of his birth father. As a young boy Theseus acclaimed the accomplishments of the lion-hearted Heracles. The Origin of Theseus’s father was shrouded in mystery. Theseus was informed at a tender age that his father was the Renowned King of Athens and in order to attain his acknowledgment Theseus was required to return the King his sword and sandals. Theseus is strongly warned against taking the road to Athens because of the many bandits and dangerous lurking beasts. Theseus’ own mother pleads with to peregrinate by ship alas Theseus refuses. Along the way of his journey to Athens Theseus is attacked by bandits. He grabs hold of a club and like his cousin Hercules charges and slays the unworthy…show more content…
Theseus is an example of what true men in the ancient Mediterranean were supposed to be like, although flawed, he was a true hero. The Greek myths historically were stories that showed fatal flaws and men such as Theseus with exceptional talents were destined for greatness. Eternal greatness was the central prize seized by heroes and longed for by all men during this time. Theseus verified his natural born aptness as a warrior, king but mostly Hero. Myths are perceived as metaphorical and not easily disregarded fabrications. The purpose of myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur are to provide metaphors and deterrents such as the tragedies faced in life. Exploring myths is the equivalent of the exploration into the culture the myth represents. Through myths it’s possible to capture the inventive, artistic, and philosophical imagination of a

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