Examples Of Disempowered In Health And Social Care

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Disempowerment - is when the power and influence is taken away from an individual so they cannot make their own decisions. If an individual has no control over their life they will feel like they are have got nothing because they are not able to do what they want to and make the choices that are best for them. A reason someone may be disempowered is because they may not have be able to afford resources to improve their life also if someone has a disability they may not be able to access the services they need which could make them not feel part of society. Also an individual may feel that his or her rights have been taken away even though every individual has human rights that have to be complied with expect in some circumstances where rights have to be removed by force. Discrimination can cause a person not to use health and social care services however, this will lead to them getting really unwell and having poor health.…show more content…
This is because they will feel worthless and feel as though there is something wrong with them because if someone repeatedly tells a service user that they are useless and says nasty comments about them they will eventually start to believe that and they will loose their self identity because they will not know who they are. Having low self esteem will make an individual loose their confidence, motivation and have negative feelings which can cause depression, feelings of sadness and loneliness which will have a major impact on their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. Restricted opportunities and negative behaviours - Experiences of discrimination can change someone’s behaviour because they might not know how to deal with it so they take their anger out on people in a position of power such as police or health and social care

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