Pan's Labyrinth

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Iyanu Bank-Olemoh T/TH 9:00 a.m. Pans Labyrinth Review Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro directs a wonderful haunting fantasy-drama set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. It details the journey of a very imaginative young girl named Ofelia, who may be the mythical princess of an underworld kingdom. Her mother get's remarried to a sadistic army captain and becomes pregnant with child. So they move to a small countryside and live in an old mansion, Ofelia is usually left to tend to her own devices. Pan’s Labyrinth is not your average fairy tale. Writer/Director Guillermo del Toro has created a twisted blend of visual beauty, gruesome horror, and blood curdling fantasy. In combining these elements, he has made one of the most gut-twisting films ever to star an unsuspecting 11-year-old girl.…show more content…
Their blissful ignorance leaves them stunted from experiencing complex feelings of pain and anguish, but also incapable of empathy . Ofelia understands her mother is lonely, but cannot separate physical and adult loneliness, or mother-daughter love vs. adult love. Her mother tells her she’ll understand when she’s older. Ofelia is Princess Moanna in the Underworld. Yet in her Earth life, her mother treats her as a princess too. In this sense, her cinematic death could be read as marking a spiritual death of the childhood self (princess). Her maturation over the film’s course is not one of sexuality, but of a different
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