Empowering Service Users In Health And Social Care Essay

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Promotion of equality of opportunity All individuals who use services have the right to equal opportunity no matter what their race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, and social class. Care workers must ensure that they give all service users equality and do not discriminate Empowering service users Empowering is when a health and social care professional allows individuals to make their own decisions and have control over their life. Allowing patients to make decisions builds their self-esteem and gives them confidence. Professionals need to respect patient’s involvement in care planning so that patients and carers can work well together in order to provide care that will meet their needs. Empowering individuals in a residential care setting…show more content…
In health and social care professionals have a responsibility to respect an individual. They should respect a person’s dignity even if their beliefs and choices may be different to the professionals. Health and social care professionals should show good respect by listening and communicating well, accepting others choices and not judging them. Treated in a dignified way- Everyone has a right to be treated equally and not discriminated against, professionals should treat everyone as an individual and not treat them unfairly showing no respect, recognise and value different beliefs and not judge anyone on what they believe in. Allowed privacy - Health and social care professionals need to give privacy to service users because everyone has a human right which allows them privacy. To have privacy for service user’s staff have to follow a confidentiality policy which means that they have to protect information and not pass it on, keeping treatment private, getting permission before entering someone’s personal space, providing facilities such as single sex bathrooms and making sure that all staff are aware of the importance of privacy issues.

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